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This is not your average cream puff.

Welcome to Team Chouxnuts!

This WordPress site was created as part of a class project with students in the Web Development and Baking & Pastry Arts Management courses at Humber College.

Students in the Baking & Pastry Arts Management course (Team Chouxnuts) created their own pastry business and products, for which the Web Development students designed this functioning website.

Customers can order products directly from Team Chouxnuts through the “Place an Order” page on this WordPress site, where they will be re-directed to Humber College’s order form.

Choux Flavours:

Choux is offered in 4 different flavours: classic, fruity, alcoholic, and tea-inspired.

Try the Strawberry Prosecco, the Honey Peach, the *Kahlua Boston Cream, and the Nutty London Fog Choux today!


Created with love and care in Canada.

All items are 100% hand-made by students from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Above-average quality standards.
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind flavours.
  • Hand-made by Canadian students.


What is a “Choux”(Pronounced Shoo)?

Choux is a type of pastry dough known for its crispy outer shell and light, airy interior. The pastry is made with flour, butter, eggs, milk, and water.


Meet the Women of Team Chouxnuts!

Kiaya, Laura, Jillian, and Emma are the four brilliant women that are Team Chouxnuts.

Upon graduating from their Baking & Pastry Arts Management program at Humber College, each one has exciting aspirations and goals for their future in the baking industry.

Read more about each Team Chouxnuts member through the “Meet the Bakers” page.

In the Making…

Get in Touch with Team Chouxnuts!

205 Humber College Blvd.

(Humber College, North Campus)

Toronto, Ontario, M9W 5L7